More Spanish Lessons for Children in Bloomington

For those looking for more Spanish Lessons for the little ones, you might want to check Katie’s blog:

She teaches lessons at the Bloomington Development Learmning Center (BDLC). Feel free to call her or send her an email if you have further questions: (812) 334-5814,

¡Que viva el español!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is your teaching philosophy?

My philosophy is that children learn by relating the content of the class to their own experiences. To accomplish effective learning, I incorporate stories, games, puppets, songs, and more (see class structure for more details).

Are parents allowed/encouraged to remain onsite during lessons?

Parents are not encouraged to stay, but they are certainly allowed. I recommend staying for the first class and then leave/pick up starting with the second lesson.

How frequently should I bring my son/daughter to this class?

Learning a language depends on the time we are exposed to it. You will have the option to sign him/her up for classes once or twice a week. A third ‘practice’ session will be available on the weekend.

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General Info

Spanish for Children: Lessons will start in August 2012. 

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